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Why you should teach English in China? 

China Overview

Teach English in China and experience a culture very different from your own with programs that put you in the middle of the world’s oldest civilization. Add teaching experience to your resume and bring a fresh viewpoint to developing communities well off the tourist track, or dive into the bustle of a fast-growing city like Chongqing or Shanghai. The sights and variety of experiences in China are nearly as vast as the country itself.

Teach abroad in China with us, and you can:

  • Be the lead teacher in your own classroom and give your Chinese students the English language skills they will need in their future careers
  • Experience China’s traditional festivals, try exotic cuisine, or find balance with early-morning tai chi lessons
  • Travel through ancient landscapes in a lush countryside of terraced rice paddies
  • Bolster your resume by gaining teaching experience and learning Chinese while you experience this fast-growing economy firsthand
  • Prepare for a globalized future by learning the distinctive styles of Chinese networking and negotiation


The job market for teaching English abroad in China is the largest in the world. Demand for English teachers in China is so high that schools hire year-round, and interviews are conducted in advance over the phone and via e-mail. In most cases, those who teach English in China will get their airfare reimbursed, and schools typically provide free housing for their teachers. With over 1.3 billion citizens and an estimated 400 million English learners, China shows no signs that it will relinquish its title as the top job market for English teachers any time soon. 

Most public schools throughout China have mandated English training from age five through the end of secondary school.  With the largest number of middle-class households in the world, parents are sending their children to private language schools at an unprecedented rate.  The adult learner market is enormous as well. China's export market is one of the world's largest, and it is necessary for their white collar workforce to communicate with potential buyers worldwide using English.

The cost of living for those teaching English in China is very low, and a generous salary affords English teachers in China the opportunity to live a comfortable lifestyle while saving up to $400–$1,000 USD per month, which has nearly three times the local purchasing power that it would have in the USA. English language schools offer approximately 20 to 25 hours of work per week, giving English teachers in China plenty of time to travel and explore the nation’s endless treasures.

It is not required to hold a bachelor’s degree to teach English in China, though it is preferred in the larger cities of Beijing and Shanghai. TEFL certification, however, is a typical requirement to work in most English teaching jobs in China. There are well over 50 cities with over 1 million people in each. Top destinations for teaching English in China include Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, and Guangzhou, to name just a few.